Blog Dum Tish

Blog Dum Tish

Blogging is definitely not at the forefront of the internet nowadays, so why are we creating one?

Well, we tried TikTok – yes, @badumtishtok exists – but frankly we couldn’t get down with it. We would prefer to create a space where we can direct a handful of people to the stuff that we love rather than have thousands swipe past more mind-melting "content".

We’re not entirely sure what shape this will take but we’re going to start with some interviews with artists and recommending some articles, podcasts, audiobooks, documentaries and more that we find interesting.

DJs require a lot of this kind of material: there is a moment when you’ve not been to bed and you’ve been speedily-boarded straight into the stairwell at Luton Airport and you're waiting to get onto a plane that is still in the sky and you just really need a friendly voice in your ear.

Hopefully this blog will be a place where you can find recommendations for flight-length content in toilet-length reading time.

Blog Dum Tish.

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