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Ba Dum Tish Drum Kit

Ba Dum Tish Drum Kit

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Guaranteed to be at the top of every child’s Tishmas list this year is this custom drum kit. Based on a four-piece Tama jazz kit, this has been lovingly wrapped in the colour scheme of your favourite distro.

Of course, you’ll only need to use the snare and cymbal to recreate the titular magic of Ba Dum Tish in your own home however we’re sorting the whole shebang (lol geddit) for the same price.

So next time you deliver an absolute belter of a joke and it hangs in the air like a bad fart then you can just pick up your sticks and let the whole room know what’s what with a Ba Drum Tish, ba dum tish.

Please note that this product will take about 4-months to deliver while we scramble to actually make the kit.