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Cosmee - Beyond Beliefs EP [DICELESS03]

Cosmee - Beyond Beliefs EP [DICELESS03]

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Another lip-smacking 4 tracker from No Dice: Italian Native, Cosmee, delivers a vibrant collection, each tune a different direction, but all aimed point blank at the dance floor.
 Mischief beyond beliefs.

A1. Beyond Beliefs
A2. Nightmare
B1. Take Your Time
B2. Straight To The Master

Who is Cosmee and where is he from?
My real name is Cosimo Contursi. I'm from Altamura, a small town in Southern Italy, currently living in Milan. Cosmee is a rather old project that has evolved over years. Initially, this was supposed to be a ‘Techno’ project, but music is unpredictable.

So I stopped setting specific goals, and let the music speak for me.

This EP is the result of a search for new sounds and new music-making methods. Each track is different. The tracks always combine hardware and computer samples, but the foundation is always OTB. I mostly use 5 pieces of gear to create; A Microkorg, Cyclone 303, Digitakt, Digitone and an Akai MPC 1000. Whether for live performances or production, using hardware really helps you to understand the Process.

How does your environment influence the music you make?
At the time of this project I lived in a small seaside town near Taranto, for 8 months. I decided to isolate myself to focus on music. It really worked, the environment does make a difference.

I wanted to make a record with a lot of swing and nothing too straight, and some weird sounds (which were badly recorded!) That's exactly what happened in 'Nightmare'. The voice samples are recorded with a mac mic, just hanging in my car with friends!

Living in Milan influences the music I'm making right now, attending parties such as Discosizer, Opal and Masada.

What has recently influenced your creativity?
Currently, I am totally obsessed with Yaleesa Hall, Braik, Luca Lozano and Samuel Jabb. All sick producers! Always something to learn.

I listen to a lot of podcasts like Del Garda, Lutz, Luca Lozano and of course Alec Falconer!

What makes a good Dance track?
For me what makes a track interesting is the processing of the low frequencies. Next, the arrangement and mixing. The bass sequence has to sound a certain way. I spend a lot of time on the technical side of things, how it sounds in general, how it might sound in a club, and so on.
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