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VA - Fragments from Finowstraße [FLUYO001]

VA - Fragments from Finowstraße [FLUYO001]

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A1: Dondolo - Les Evanouisseurs:
Detroit electro-disco at its finest! Dondolo is the perfect example of the transition that occurred in the early 2000's in the French scene. Take an ’80s-style 4/4 beat, add pads and strings, and a bass that bubbles throughout! A certain ear worm that teases the emotions of end-of-the-night house music.

A2: King Bob - Clean
If you love deep sounds – then you are in the right place. With an emotional spoken-word vocal breathing life in to the strong hypnotic structures, melancholic synth melodies, and an unforgiveable bass. The mysterious King Bob serving up a slick encounter with "Clean".

B1: Mark Du Mosh - Flyers
Take a pinch of Italian disco, add some early-house drum programming and a shuffling acid bass, and you’ve got the perfect recipe of a mid-evening banger. Gorgeous synth melodies created by the respected Dutch artist Mark Du Mosh in 1999.

B2: Five o´clock Traffic - Ergot (extended version)
The perfect soundtrack to the best ’80s crime film you have never seen. Five O'Clock Traffic comes with a new version of an old track released only on cassette. Dark and brooding with a sense of mystery and intrigue, leading you down a distinctive path of curiosity.

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