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Ba Dum Tish

Various Artists - OVNIE003 EP [OVNIE003]

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After a long break OVNIE returns with its third release, this time comes with a various artists format composed by 5 tracks.


A1. Antoine Sy delivers a reggae infused house groover to make you aware about the need to save the forests!

 A2. "Imagine a beautiful lady acting like a robot in a super green garden under a glittering sun. She is clicking her arms and legs according to a simple 2-steppy texture and she is occasionaly singing nothing understandable except for a surfer-like interjection. Short-release synths and ethereal pads complete the picture adding some kind of nostalgic vibes to it. Yoyoyo!"

A3. Pohl strikes back with a moody a brilliant track on his own imprint Ovnie. „Traveling....“ has all the incredients to make you shake even at your home-office. A curly simple lead melody, a heavy old-school Bassline, crispy jacking drums and ascendant synth strings that colide with pealing LFO’ish addicting bleeps to a perfect dance track.

B1. Samuel delivers a more funky breakbeat vision with acid zaps, bleeping tones and reverse percussions to keep the pace up and down a sure track to keep the dancefloor jacking.

B2. Test tube is one of many unreleased collabs by Luks & Kizoku. The moodiest one of the bunch, it is driven by breaky percussion, resonant basslines and lush keys.

A1. Antoine Sy - Forest savers

A2. Robbenspierre - Yoyoyo

A3. Pohl - Travelized

B1. Samuel Padden - Half Cab

B2. Kizoku and Luks - Test Tube