Pickle Party Listening

Pickle Party Listening

DJ Tjizza b2b Alec Falconer

This one is nice and easy since me and Tjizza did an hour's Rinse Show together three years ago. And, despite our natural lanky chemistry, we've actually only ever had the chance to play b2b once in a club. Will it be worth the wait? The proof will be in the Pickle! 

Rinse FM · Alec Falconer with DJ Tjizza - 12 January 2021

Georgia b2b Harry Wills

Georgia is coming through like a velvet steamroller at the moment.  You'd not heard of her and then wham... you've been hit... prepare to be flattened at her Pickle debut.

NorthSouth Records · NSP012 - Georgia


Harry Wills is an unstoppable music-making-machine but he spins hard too.  Harry generally favours a decent tech-house womp. Check his mix for Meoko.

MEOKO · MEOKO Podcast Series | Harry Wills


Becca has worked at Ba Dum Tish for the last few years but when she allowed off her emails then she just casually knocks together mixes that get 20k  

Josh Tweek · MMSU 24 - 2StepBec
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