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Ba Dum Tish operates from both London and Berlin. You will find further info on each location below.

Ba Dum Tish (Berlin)

In Berlin, we are located in a back office at Marla Records. The store is open from 2pm-8pm from Tuesday to Saturday and is located at Nostitzstraße 11, 10961.

If you would like to come outside of these hours then someone from our team tends to be there and you can access the building through the Cafe At Marla at Gneisenaustraße 9.

We share our office at Marla with Lirica Distribution and Mood Waves Records.

To pick up your online order, please ask Marla staff to search for you name in box of orders sitting in the backroom.

Marla opening hours are:

Mon: Closed
Tues: 2 - 8pm
Weds: 2 - 8pm
Thurs: 2 - 8pm
Friday: 2 - 8pm
Sat: 2 - 8pm 

Ba Dum Tish (London)

In London, we are located in the studios at Star Lane which is at 8 Cody Road, London, E16 4SR

We don't have a doorbell so you will need to make an appointment in advance but our opening hours are:

Mon: 12 - 5pm
Tues: Closed
Weds: 12 - 5pm
Thurs: Closed
Friday: 12 - 5pm
Sat: 12 - 5pm 

Our office here is shared with Lirica Distribution who also have a wide range of second hand digs. Please arrange an appointment by message us or Lirica on Instagram.

Ba Dum Tish @ Star Lane